Villas for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus

Villas for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus | Buying a villa on the sea is beautiful, but the most beautiful is that the villa is on the charming Bosphorus, in case you are looking to buy villas on the sea and the Bosphorus directly, follow our article to the end so that we can guide you to the most beautiful villas on the Bosphorus, as well as in case you want cheap villas or in installments or you are looking About the cheapest villa prices in Turkey, we will also guide you to places that can help you find the right property for you.

Istanbul city:

The city of Istanbul is divided into Asian Istanbul and European Istanbul, and the charming Bosphorus Strait, which is considered a charming icon in beauty, is why when you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, villas, or any property, it is nice for this property to have a direct view of the Bosphorus to enjoy the most amazing and beautiful nights.

The Bosphorus:

The designation of the Bosphorus comes from the ancient Greek, where it was called the phosphorus or the light place, where since ancient times it was a place for parties that last until the morning.
This beautiful atmosphere is still present in the Bosphorus with its beautiful night trips, but with time its name changed to become Bosphorus instead of Phosphorus.
The finest restaurants in Istanbul are located on both sides of the Bosphorus, especially fish restaurants that you must try to visit and enjoy their delicious food.
The Bosphorus, with its beauty, also attracts tourists to see the beautiful charming views and to enjoy its bright nights.
You will also find lovers of fishing on both sides of the Bosphorus practicing their beautiful hobby, and you will also see people sitting in the gardens enjoying the beauty of the scenery.
And if you are looking for an apartment of villa in the vicinity of the Bosphorus, you will get the most beautiful and finest real estate there.

Features of owning a villa on the Bosphorus:

Buying a villa with a view of the sea and the Bosphorus is an ideal option and has many advantages as the villas in the Bosphorus area have many advantages, including:
The strategic location where the Bosphorus is the backbone of Istanbul, its beating heart, and the crossroads of the flow of life in it.
Also, the villas on the Bosphorus have a charming view of the sea and the Bosphorus, which you will not find in any other part of the world.
In addition to this, the Bosphorus villas are characterized by large spaces and high-end royal designs that appeal to many people.
Likewise, villas located on the Bosphorus are a very successful investment project if you are looking for a villa to work in the field of real estate investment in Turkey.
Also, the villas overlooking the Bosphorus are a family-friendly choice for housing, especially for families looking to live in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty.
In addition to this, the prices of real estate and villas on the Bosphorus are considered low when compared to villas of the same quality in other European countries.
You will also have all you want from the tranquility of nature, water, green nature and contemporary luxury.

Types of villas you can find on the Bosphorus:

When you want to buy a villa on the Bosphorus, you must first get to know the types of villas on the Bosphorus, which are divided into three types, namely:

Detached villas on the Bosphorus:

These types of villas are completely independent, as they have their own entrance and gate.
It also has an independent garden separated from the neighborhood by a wall, and it is considered one of the finest and most expensive types of villas.
Mostly the standalone villas are one or two floors, and sometimes they may reach three floors.

Semi-detached villas (townhouses):

A townhouse or twin house is a semi-connected villa that is adjacent to several villas.
Townhouses differ from connected villas by having their own small garden separating it from the neighboring villas.

Connecting Villas (Twin House):

The connecting villas are one or more villas that are connected with another villa, and each one has its own entrance.
The connected villas share the surrounding gardens and are the cheapest of the three types of villas.

Specifications of villas on the Bosphorus:

As we explained the types of villas in terms of classification, we will explain to you the internal structure of the villas that you will find in Turkey, as they have the following specifications:
The villas are designed to suit all weather changes in summer and winter, as the floors are equipped with complete insulation technologies, which saves on external costs.
Most of the villas are equipped with a modern sound insulation system that provides peace, comfort and privacy for families.
Likewise, all villas have large areas of not less than 500 square meters and the number of rooms are 4 + 1 or 5 + 1 or more.
The gardens surrounding the villas are harmoniously thought out and often contain outdoor swimming pools or barbecues and family nights.
All villas also contain car garages, which can accommodate at least four cars or sometimes more.
As for the design of the interior villas, it consists of a number of open salons on the ground floor in addition to the maid's room and the kitchen.
Night rooms or bedrooms are located on the second or third floor of villas.
The villas also contain a sauna and a gym in addition to outdoor swimming pools.

Villas services on the Bosphorus:

Buying a villa with a view of the Bosphorus is considered a distinct choice in all respects, whether in terms of charming views or in terms of services, as these villas are distinguished by their location that makes them close to most important services, the most important of which are:
Bosphorus villas are located near the most important land and sea transportation lines, making it easy for you to move to all areas of Istanbul.
It is also located near most of the important historical and tourist attractions in the tourist center of Istanbul, which makes living there a real pleasure.
In addition to this, the villas are equipped with all services from a sauna to a jacuzzi, gyms, private gardens and swimming pools.
The Bosphorus area is surrounded by many popular shopping centers and popular markets, in addition to the most famous Istanbul restaurants.
And the villas in the Bosphorus areas are equipped with modern protection systems connected with emergency direct and security cameras and surveillance throughout the day.

How to find the right villa for you on the Bosphorus?

There are many different villa options, but the important question is: How do you find the right villa for you? And in order to answer this question, you must seek the help of a real estate consultant specialized in the field of villas to provide you with the best choice according to your requests, and for this we at Nova Brands will provide you with this service with the best quality as we:
In the beginning, we will contact you and find out the number of rooms and the area you want to have in your villa, as well as the number of floors.
In case you want customized services such as a specific number of bathrooms or specific swimming pools, you can provide us with all the details.
After that, we will provide you with many thoughtful and appropriate options for your budget that you set for us until we come up with a suitable option for you.
Then we will take you on a field tour to inspect the villas that you have chosen and examine them carefully before signing the purchase contracts.
We will be with you at every step until you receive the full Turkish tapu and ownership papers, and in case you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, we will help you to obtain it as well.
In case you encounter more questions, please contact us on the numbers or e-mail, or leave your number in the comments so that we can contact you.