Conditions for buying an apartment in Turkey

Conditions for buying an apartment in Turkey | Turkey is one of the most countries in the Middle East in terms of real estate activity. In the past few years, it has witnessed a remarkable increase in demand for real estate purchases due to the increase in the number of foreigners who have moved to it in order to live in it or for work.
Also, the Turkish law issued some laws that facilitated foreign ownership of real estate, which led to an increase in urban activity and the construction of large projects in Turkey.
However, the search for a property in order to buy it in Turkey is not easy, due to its large area and branching into several parts of different terrains and customs, which led to a variety of options and created difficulty for everyone who wants to own a property in Turkey, so we find many people looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and Turkey in general, but there are some ways to help anyone who wants to move to Turkey and own a property or invest in it.
Steps before buying an apartment or property in Turkey:
There are several things you must know before buying a property in Turkey, which we will mention in the following article:
Factors that help you choose your property or apartment:
Every person who wants to buy a real estate has specific requests and needs that led him to make the decision to buy this property.
In order for the drug to be compatible with what the person wants, care must be taken to ensure several things, including:
The purpose of purchasing the property:
Every person has a specific purpose for purchasing the property, and this person must specify the purpose for purchasing the property.
For example, it is illogical for a foreign student residing in Turkey to own a property in an area far away from his place of study. ,
There are also those who buy real estate in order to be close to his family or workplace, or in order to invest in this property.
Or for the sake of vacationing or for work, so each property has a specific purpose that pushes its owner to take the order to buy it.
The area in which the building or real estate is located:
Each region of Istanbul has characteristics and advantages that make it different from other regions, and it also makes real estate in it different from other real estate.
Property Type:
Each property has a different type that differs according to the size, number of rooms, and the interior and exterior design of the property.
The height, number of floors, and the property are within a residential complex or not within a residential complex.
The environment surrounding the property:
Is it a rural environment, or within a crowded city, or is it close to the coast and sea views?
Proximity to the city center and public services:
There are many people who prefer to live in the city center.
In order for them to be close to public services, government departments, hospitals, universities and other service facilities.
Property Price:
It differs according to the difference in the financial situation of the person, and the better the person’s financial condition, the better the property.
Ways to buy a property in Istanbul:
There are several ways to buy a property within Istanbul, including:
Individual search:
It is considered one of the most difficult and difficult roads, as it requires effort and time to search for properties for sale from their owners.
It also requires full knowledge of the Turkish language in order to inquire about the property, its specifications and problems related to it.
It has the advantage that it may be cheaper than other methods, but it can be dangerous, as you may be exposed to fraud because you are not familiar with all the legal ways to buy a property in Turkey.
Internet search:
The advantage of this method is easy, since the Internet in our current time contains many sites and offers.
But like the previous one, it is almost not without risk, as there are many fraud methods that may take place within it.
Buying the property through a real estate company:
It is considered one of the best ways in terms of saving effort and time, as the real estate company is familiar with all legal projects and real estate.
That can be provided to you, as soon as you select and approve your option, you can get your property within a very short period.
Conditions for owning real estate in Turkey for foreigners:
Foreigners have the right to own or buy real estate in Turkey after the similar labor law was abolished in 2012.
Which used to prohibit foreigners, whose countries prevent the Turks from owning, from buying or owning real estate in Turkey.
If the property is agricultural land, the area of ​​the property must not exceed 25 hectares.
Foreigners have no right to own or buy land near military installations and airports, or anything that threatens Turkey's security.
Nationalities banned from ownership in Turkey:
There are some foreigners of certain nationalities who are prohibited from owning property in Turkey according to Turkish law, except under certain ownership conditions, such as:
Syrian, Armenian, Cuban, Nigerian and Cypriot nationalities.
The foreigner must also possess a regular passport.
The foreigner obtained a home insurance policy from earthquakes, and this document is compulsory in Turkey and is not optional as a home insurance policy.
It can be obtained from banks, as most banks in Turkey offer earthquake and disaster insurance service.
The title deed must be obtained to complete the purchase and it can be obtained from the real estate registry office located within the real estate area.
The buyer must attend personally in order to sign the purchase contract or through an official representative person for him, and the agency is carried out in the buyer's country through a notary, provided that it is certified by the Turkish embassy in that country.
That the buyer owns a tax number that can be extracted from the tax department.
The buyer's possession of a Turkish bank account or possession of a bank account from one of the banks jointly with the banks of his country of residence.
Not violating the purpose or purpose recorded in the real estate purchase contract.
Not to buy the property in twisted ways and in violation of Turkish law and the regulations in place in the country.
The papers required to obtain the title deed:
Several papers and matters are required to obtain the title deed of the property, which are:
A copy of the passport, translated and certified by a Turkish notary.
A personal photo of the property owner and two personal photos of the buyer, provided that the personal photos are clear.
Tax number extracted from the tax department in Turkey.
Copy of the title deed of the real estate owner.
A copy of the real estate building permit and its registration document in the municipality of region A.
The property or project is not located in it.
If the real estate company is the party that makes the purchase, several other things must be attached
For example: a copy of the company's commercial activity and a copy of its commercial registry and its establishment license.
By that, we have mentioned to you the most important factors and conditions that help you, as a foreign citizen, to own a property in Turkey. And if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can leave your number in the comments so that we can answer all your questions.