Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul

Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul | When we are looking for cheap villas for sale in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, we have two options, either to buy a villa on the European side or on the Asian side of Istanbul. In our article, we will talk about Asian Istanbul and how to buy a villa in Asian Istanbul. Follow us to the end to get to know the most important details about owning villas in Istanbul.

Istanbul Asia:

Istanbul Asian is considered the quiet part of Istanbul and it is the perfect choice for families looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, where the Asian section is characterized by calm and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the business that European Istanbul is famous for, and there are several important areas within Asian Istanbul in which foreigners own real estate, the most important of which are:

Uskudar Istanbul:

One of Istanbul's most beautiful tourist areas is the sküdar region, as it contains historical landmarks such as palaces and towers.
Uskudar also includes many popular parks that are popular with tourists.
Escudar also contains buildings and villas overlooking the Bosphorus, which are an ideal choice for family housing and real estate investment.

Kadikoy region:

Kadikoy is one of the most famous Asian regions of Istanbul, where Kadikoy combines the colors of different cultures and ethnicities.
Kadikoy is also a commercial residential area with many cultural centers and language centers.
The city also overlooks the sea and the Bosphorus with stunning views and contains many restaurants and entertainment venues.
It has many residential complexes equipped with all necessary services for housing.

Kartal region:

It is one of the beautiful Asian regions of Istanbul, as it is characterized by its extension on the seashore, its tranquility and its distinct organization.
Kartal contains many high-end complexes and projects suitable for family and investment housing.
The area is also fully serviced by various means of transportation and the centers of commercial and service services.
It is considered a quiet area with a fresh atmosphere suitable for comfortable family housing and it has many distinctive projects.

Beykoz Region:

Beykoz is known for its green nature, tranquility and comfort, and it is located on the Asian side, and is one of the largest and most beautiful areas of Istanbul.
Beykoz contains many luxurious properties and is famous for its villas, where we see many high-end villas in Beykoz.
Beykoz is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, where many famous people and business leaders live.
It contains many historical attractions and ancient palaces that overlook the Bosphorus.

Types of villas in Istanbul, Asia:

When you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Asia, you must first get to know the types and classifications of villas in that area, and among the most important types:

Detached villas in Istanbul, Asia:

Independent villas are considered one of the most luxurious types of villas, and they have a private entrance and large areas, and they may consist of two or three floors.
The standalone villa has its own garden, completely separating it from the surrounding neighborhood, and an external wall surrounding the garden separates it from the rest of the places.
The standalone villa also includes a sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pools in most of the time.
In addition to surveillance cameras associated with emergency services directly.
It also contains car garages, 4 parking lots and more.

Semi-detached villas:

Semi-detached villas or townhouses, and there are a group of villas in the same complex, separated between each of them by a small garden surrounding the villas.
The villas shall be equipped with private garages, each with at least 4 parking spaces for each villa.
Villas also contain surveillance cameras and are often equipped with a 24-hour security system.
Villas are equipped with all services, including jacuzzi, gyms, swimming pools and barbecue areas.

Connecting villas:

Connecting villas are called Twin Houses, as the villas are close to each other and each villa has its own entrance.
It also includes connected villas with various types of services such as jacuzzi, gyms, swimming pools and gardens.
And there is security throughout the day, as there are surveillance cameras and parking spaces for each villa.

Interior Istanbul Asian Villas Design:

Villas in Asian Istanbul have several advantages that give them special characteristics, among the most important of these features:
The villas in Istanbul of Asia are large in size, where the area of ​​the villa is not less than 500 square meters.
The villas are surrounded by large gardens with an area of ​​up to 1000 square meters.
All villas are equipped with security devices, emergency communications, and modern surveillance cameras that work throughout the day.
All villas also contain gyms, jacuzzis, sauna, car parking area and swimming pools.
As for when we talk about the internal
 division, most of the foyers or lounges are on the ground floor of the day section.
The first and second floors contain the night section and bedrooms in the villa in addition to the terraces.

How to buy a villa in Istanbul of Asia:

If you want to buy a villa in Istanbul, Asia, you are in front of multiple options, as there are villas that are located in the nature and there are villas overlooking the Bosphorus, so you need a real estate expert to help you choose the villa that suits you, and we are here in Nova Brands with our long experience in the field of real estate we will provide We gladly assist you as we:
We will contact you to know what specifications of the villa you want to own, whether (area - number of rooms - type, independent or within a complex)
After that, we will provide you with a number of options according to your desires, and then we will make field trips to see the villas on the ground.
It will not stop here, but we will be with you until the end until you receive the Turkish tapu and your property papers.
And in case you want to obtain Turkish citizenship or real estate residency, we will provide you with our distinguished advice and services.
If you want to buy a villa, you can contact us through our numbers or by leaving your number in the comments so that our real estate advisor will contact you and listen to your desires to be able to find the best etc.