Houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey in installments

Houses for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, in installments Real estate and residential projects are abundant and varied in the city of Istanbul, as Istanbul is the first destination for every person or foreign investor who wants to own a property or invest in the field of construction because it contains great advantages and services, and wherever you search in Istanbul, you will find the property you want and the payment method you want. You want it, whether it is paying in cash or in installments.
Why choose Istanbul:
Istanbul has many features and advantages that made it one of the most popular cities in Turkey in terms of real estate activity.
Advantages of buying a property or house in Istanbul:
The city of Istanbul consists of two parts: the Asian section and the European section, each with different advantages in terms of real estate.
Istanbul is generally characterized by the unique geographical location separating the continent of Asia and Europe, and it also contains many archaeological and geographical features.
There are many services that meet all the needs of its inhabitants, and the population enjoys a high level of safety and protection, which led to the diversity of cultures in it, as it contains many different races and nationalities.
The prices of owning apartments and real estate in Istanbul are relatively cheap when compared with other countries on the European continent.
Each of its sections has advantages in terms of buying real estate and homes, including:
Advantages of buying a property in the European section:
There are many cultures in it, as it contains the majority of foreigners residing in Turkey. It is also the economic pole of the city, as it is the destination of foreign businessmen and merchants from various countries.
It also features a large transportation network that facilitates movement and the daily life of all its residents.
It has a variety of real estate and varies in size, height, sea views, and other characteristics, as well as many coasts and airports.
It contains most of the tourist attractions in Istanbul, which makes the investment return for real estate very high, due to the large number of tourists and foreigners.
Advantages of buying a property in the Asian section:
There are many mega projects, residential complexes, and public parks, and it is also characterized by the entertainment centers located in its various areas.
Relative quieter and less crowded compared to the European section.
It has green spaces, stunning views and resorts.
Within the Asian section there are many universities and educational centers.
Ways to buy a house or property in Turkey Istanbul:
When you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you must know that there are two ways to own a property, and they are either direct cash payment or payment in installments.
Cash and direct payment method:
It is characterized by the speed of the new owner obtaining all the legal and documentation related to his property, and it is also cheaper and cheaper than buying in installments.
Payment method in installments:
This method is easy and safe, and it is a golden opportunity for all people who want to own their own property but do not have enough money to buy the house in one go.
It is done in one of two ways:
Either directly from the construction company,
Or through a loan through the bank: where the bank buys the property as well as places a mortgage that does not go away until all installments are paid.
Payment through the bank is characterized by being over long periods of time, sometimes up to 10 years, but it is more expensive in terms of price.
The reason for buying a house or property in Turkey Istanbul in installments:
Many people come to own and buy real estate through installments for several reasons, including:
Unwillingness to pay the entire amount in one go as a result of the existence of other projects for the person who wants to own the property.
The inability to pay the entire amount in one go because it is not currently available, and where the person cannot save and keep the money.
There are also many people who want to invest in more than one property, which drives them to pay in installments.
The desire to own an expensive property and obtain Turkish citizenship.
It is possible for companies to make discounts on the price of the property, especially if the value of the down payment is 50%.
Conditions of owning a property in Turkey in installments:
The Turkish state has made many facilities for foreigners in the real estate field, as they are entitled to own real estate also through installments.
Owning the property is through a deferred sale contract, in which the buyer pays a down payment and agrees with the seller on specific periods of time to pay the remaining payments.
The first payment is most often around 30% -40% of the property price and varies according to the party selling the property.
The contract contains the most accurate details that guarantee the rights of both parties.
The buyer must also pay the installments within the time periods indicated in the contract.
The entity selling the property must be committed to delivering the property within the time period written in the contract.
Prices for buying apartments in Turkey Istanbul:
Real estate prices vary throughout Istanbul, but most of the time real estate prices are linked in most areas near the city center, so the closer the property is to the center, the more expensive it is.
There are many factors that affect the price of the property and thus affect the value of the monthly installments imposed on the property when sold by installments. We mention, for example:
The condition of the property, its outward appearance, and the total age of the property.
The location of the property in terms of its presence in a luxury residential complex or within an ordinary building
The location of the floor occupied by the property within the building.
Proximity to large projects such as the New Istanbul Canal and airports.
Distance and proximity to the city center, events and markets.
It is also important to consider its presence within the tourist areas, such as: parks, coasts and forests.
The area of ​​the property and its internal and external design.
Best places to buy a property in Istanbul Turkey:
The city of Istanbul consists of 39 regions, where the Asian section contains 14 regions and the European section contains 25 regions.
Each area of ​​the city has some features of its own, and for that we must mention the best areas to own a property in Istanbul:
The most important regions in the European section:
The most important areas in the Asian section:
Thus, we have mentioned to you the ways to buy a property in Istanbul when you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, and we have also mentioned the best areas in which you can own a property, whether you are looking for real estate investment or for stability, or you want to buy by direct payment or by installments.
If you are confused or not, you cannot search for a property on your own, then you should contact us in order to guide us to the best real estate with the best offers and the most appropriate prices.