Apartments for sale in Istanbul at cheap prices

Apartments for sale in Istanbul at cheap prices | Perhaps you are looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul Turkey, but often the high prices of apartments stop you sometimes, and the important question is how to find the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul and where cheap apartments can be found in Istanbul. Today, let's get to know the most important points that you should know and the most important areas that you can You own an apartment in it in case you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul and your purchasing budget is weak.


Istanbul city:

In the beginning, we must introduce you to Istanbul, which consists of two parts, the European Istanbul and the Asian Istanbul, each of which has its different features, and here comes to our minds what are the advantages of having an apartment in Asian Istanbul and is it correct that buying an apartment on the European side is better? To answer these questions, let us know the advantages of buying an apartment in each of them:


Advantages of buying an apartment in Asian Istanbul:

The Asian region of Istanbul is considered a city of calm and comfort, which is intended for most people looking for comfortable and family accommodation.
Apartments in Asian Istanbul are characterized by spacious spaces and high-end designs, often mixed with the ancient Ottoman heritage.
The Asian regions are considered more conservative areas than the European ones, and the percentage of foreign residents is less, as most of their residents are mostly Turks.
In Asian Istanbul, there are many schools, hospitals, a center for various services, in addition to various transportation methods.
Also, Asian Istanbul also contains some tourist areas that are visited by tourists.
Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul on the European side:
Istanbul, the European, is the land of tourism and business with distinction intended for investors and tourists from all over the world.
European Istanbul contains many modern residential projects and complexes in addition to many important landmarks.
European Istanbul includes a mixture of cultures and diverse peoples that come to Istanbul and is considered more open than Asian Istanbul.
It also contains amazing transportation lines that connect its various regions through (Al-Mutarbous, Al-Ternfay and public transport buses).
Within European Istanbul, there are many international schools and important Turkish universities, in addition to a large number of hospitals and service centers.
Also, buying an apartment in European Istanbul is considered a successful investment option for many foreign investors looking for real estate investment.
The cheapest places to buy an apartment in Istanbul:
After we got acquainted with the European and Asian Istanbul, let us know together about the areas that contain the cheapest apartments in Istanbul and the features of each area, including:

Silivri Region:

If we talk about the cheapest apartments in Istanbul, Silvery will take the lead in the ranking, as it is famous for its cheap apartments.
Silvery district is located on the coast of Marmara, about 72 km from the center of Istanbul.
Silvery agricultural lands abound, so it is considered closer to rural areas and is a suitable option for those looking to live in Istanbul in an atmosphere of calm.
In addition to the tranquility that you will get when purchasing an apartment in Silvery, you will enjoy the clean and refreshing air and the beautiful areas overlooking the Marmara Sea.
Prices of houses and houses in Silvery start from 150,000 TL and vary according to the number of rooms, area and location.
The Silvery area contains many villas in case you like high-end housing in a standalone villa with a sea view.
Real estate prices are expected to rise in Silvery after the Metrobus line arrives from Beylikduzu station to Silvery.
This makes buying a property or apartment in Silvery area a successful long-term investment opportunity.

Beylikdüzü district:

Beylikduzu district is located near the Silvery area that we talked about in the previous paragraph, and Beylikduzu contains many residential projects and modern complexes.
Beylikduzu is also known as the green city, which contains many green parks within its beautiful streets.
Blelik Dozo is characterized by its clean air and beautiful atmosphere, in addition to the high-end projects that are held in it, which increase the beauty and importance of it.
Apartment prices in Beylikduzu are somewhat reasonable, but real estate prices in Beylikduzu area are expected to witness a big jump in the near future.
This made the region a basic and preferred destination for foreign investors looking for a successful real estate investment.
There are many schools, universities, hospitals and service centers in Beylikduzu.
Also, the prices of apartments in Beylikduzu start from 250,000 TL.

Esenyurt region:

Esenyurt is one of the most modern and growing areas of Istanbul that contains many residential complexes of different specifications and prices.
Esenyurt is one of the areas inhabited by Arabs in large numbers due to the cheapness of apartments in Esenyurt and the low cost of living there.
In addition to this, Esenyurt contains many schools, universities and hospitals, and it is considered one of the vital and active areas.
There are also many projects in Esenyurt that offer apartments at cheap prices with a guarantee return with profits of up to 35%.
It is believed that real estate prices in Esenyurt will rise when the metro line is completed, so the investment in it is considered successful and guaranteed.
Real estate prices in Esenyurt start from 200,000 TL.
Kartal region:
Kartal is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and contains a number of modern residential projects.
Kartal is distinguished by its beautiful administrative organization and its view of the sea, which gives the apartments a distinctive view.
Within Kartal there are various transportation routes, schools, universities and different service centers.
Also, real estate prices in Kartal are relatively low, as apartment prices in Kartal start from 250,000 TL.
This makes apartments in Kartal a successful investment option for many investors.