Apartments for sale in Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side 2020 - 2021 | Buying an apartment in Istanbul on the Bosphorus, in Fatih, Basaksehir, or the different regions of Istanbul is a preferred option for family housing or real estate investment.


Turkey is one of the important countries in the region, as it is the gateway to Europe to the East, so we see the prosperity of trade and industry in Turkey greatly, and many residential and investment projects spread in Turkey that make Turkey one of the best countries to buy a property and a distinctive destination for foreign investors in Turkey.
Turkey contains many cities, the most important of which are Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Antalya, Alanya, Bursa and many other cities. And one of the most famous cities, Istanbul, which is known as the city of beauty and tourism, and contains many high-end Sunni complexes, villas, and commercial magazines, so it is the preferred destination for foreign investors.
Advantages of living in Istanbul:
Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities, which includes many historical and modern attractions that appeal to tourists in addition to its advanced architectural style and the advantages of housing in Istanbul:
The infrastructure in Istanbul makes it a very distinctive option for housing, as there are land and sea transportation routes.
Residential projects vary to suit all tastes and budgets for those wishing to own apartments in Istanbul.
Investment projects are also spread with very high returns, whether in the center of Istanbul or on the outskirts.
What distinguishes projects in Istanbul from each other is the spirit, as each project differs from the other with its features, qualities, designs and finishes.
Living and housing in Istanbul is a distinguished family option, as there are many international schools and universities within Istanbul.
When buying a house or a house in Istanbul, you will enjoy the pleasure of open picnics on the Bosphorus and eating different delicious food
You will also have an enjoyable tour when traveling between the two ends of Istanbul by boat.
Istanbul contains many beautiful places and ancient historical monuments that you will want to visit again and again.


How to buy a property in Istanbul?

When choosing to buy a house or apartment in Istanbul, you must be aware of a number of important things about buying real estate:
Real estate prices in Istanbul differ from one region to another, as prices are high in the center and decrease the further we move away from it.
The prices of the apartments also vary according to the size and the sea view, as well as the age of the apartment, if it is under construction or ready.
In the event that you want to invest in real estate, it is better to look for an apartment in Taksim or Sisli, or tourist places that are visited by tourists, and you may get a better return if the project is under construction.
In the event that you are looking for an apartment for family housing, it is better to look for a project with large apartment areas.
The apartments should also be near transportation roads, universities, schools and shopping centers.
You also have to make sure of the condition of the title deed and its readiness for delivery when purchasing the apartment.
And in case you are looking for installment offers, there are many projects in Istanbul that offer beautiful installment offers.
You can also obtain Turkish citizenship when you own a property or several real estate at a price of $ 250,000.
Best places to buy an apartment in Istanbul:
If you are looking for the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul, we will now show you the most important areas in Istanbul with the advantages of each of them:

Fatih area:

Fatih is one of the most important areas in Istanbul, as it contains many important historical and tourist attractions.
Also, buying an apartment in Fatih Istanbul is considered a preferred option for many families and investors, but the options remain limited and few in this region.
Apartments in Fatih are characterized by their proximity to the most lively and dynamic area in Istanbul, but their prices are somewhat high.

Sisli region:

One of the most important and elegant European regions of Istanbul, and it is considered a gathering point for the high class and white collars.
There are many family and investment options when you want to buy an apartment in Sisli, Istanbul.
Apartments in Sisli are characterized by high investment returns and are suitable for families wishing to live in the high class.


Taksim area:

Istanbul is located in the tourism center of European Istanbul and is considered one of the favorite destinations for Arab and foreign tourists.
There are many high-end projects within the Taksim area that are effectively suitable for tourism investment.

Basaksehir area:

One of the modern areas in Istanbul with a high and distinctive administrative organization.
It contains many unique family and investment projects within the Istanbul region.
Apartments in Basaksehir are characterized by affordable prices compared to the center of Istanbul.
They are also investment apartments with distinction, as real estate prices in this region have not reached their maximum.


Beylikduzu area:

Beylikduzu or the green city, where this region is famous for its abundance of green areas.
It is also famous for its many residential and investment projects, city projects, and distinctive villas.
Apartments in Beylikduzu are relatively affordable and suitable for families looking for quiet and comfortable housing.

Kadikoy region:

Kadikoy is one of the most important and beautiful areas of Istanbul.
Kadikoy is a city that brings together different cultures and civilizations and contains many residential projects.
The residential complexes in Kadikoy have wonderful views and very high-end finishes.