Apartments in Maslak Istanbul

Buying apartments in Maslak Istanbul is an ideal choice for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey. Families are also looking for an apartment for sale in Maslak Istanbul, so in this article we will offer you apartments for sale in Istanbul Valley, which is located within Maslak Istanbul, which is the center of luxury apartments in Istanbul.

Maslak area of ​​Istanbul:

Maslak Istanbul is one of the important areas in Istanbul and it is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul and is considered the area of ​​the rich and famous in Istanbul, whether from Arabs or foreigners.

Features of Maslak Istanbul:

The Maslak region is famous as a city of the wealthy, because most of its residents are ministers, officials, businessmen and merchants. We must also know that this area has been a center of residence since ancient times for princes, sultans and army leaders. So, let's get to know the most important features that characterize the Maslak Istanbul region.


Maslak is located within the Sariyer district of Istanbul, which is considered the most prestigious area in Istanbul. It is also located near Sultan Ayub, Sisli and the Bosphorus, and is far from:
Levent and Taksim are less than 6 minutes away in the center of Istanbul.
It is also 15 minutes away from the Bosphorus.
And it is less than 30 minutes from Istanbul's new airport.


Maslak is one of the areas with very strong infrastructure, as it contains many transportation routes, the most important of which are:
Maslak contains two stations of the M2 metro line, which are:
Atatürk Oto Sanayi Vodafone İstasyonu.
İtü-Ayazağa İstasyonu.
It also contains many bus lines, the most important of which are:

Educational services:

The Maslak area includes many services from schools, universities, hospitals, malls, and others, the most important of which are:
Schools and universities in Maslak:
Istanbul Technical University, which is considered one of the most famous universities in Istanbul.
The Bosphorus International School is one of the most prestigious Istanbul International Schools.
The British International School is a world-famous school.
The area also contains many public schools and kindergartens for children, in addition to schools for preachers and imams.
Hospitals in the Maslak region of Istanbul:
Acibadam Hospital, which is one of the most famous hospitals in Istanbul.
The area also includes many health centers and dispensaries.

Malls in Maslak Istanbul:

Istanbul Valley Mall in Maslak.
Canyon Mall in Maslak Istanbul.
It also includes a large number of shopping centers and shops with international brands.
Tourism in the Maslak region of Istanbul:
Maslak is considered a tourist area par excellence, which made it a strong attraction for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, and among the most important features of the Maslak tourist area:
Contemporary Art Museum or Elges Museum.
Maslak Castle, which is considered an important historical landmark.
Mehmed Al Fateh Bridge on the Bosphorus.
Usha Hill, which is visited by many tourists annually.
Belgrade forests are beautiful.

Apartments in Maslak Istanbul:

If you want to own an apartment in Maslak Istanbul, we will offer you many distinct options, including the Nova Brands 231 project:
 The project is famous for being one of the largest and most famous residential and investment projects in Istanbul, as its distinctive design in the city center made it an icon for successful real estate investment.

Project specifications:

 The project includes a total of 915 dwellings.
Apartment models ranging from one room and a hall up to 5 rooms and a hall.
A commercial street of 103,000 square meters.
A shopping street that contains a shopping center and multiple stores.
Office space equivalent to 300,000 square meters.
20,000 square meters of home office.
5-star hotel with an area of ​​25,500 square meters.

 The project Location:

Istanbul Valley is 300 meters from Türk Telekom Stadium.
The project is 10 minutes away from the metro station hospital.
The project is surrounded by many schools, universities and commercial centers.

Project features:

The project contains various types of necessary services, the most important of which are:
Yards for children to play.
Surveillance cameras and guarding throughout the day.
Sauna and bath.
Parks and green spaces.
Football and basketball fields.
Parking spaces for each car park.
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