Buying property in Turkey and residency

Buying property in Turkey and residency | What are the options available to you if you want to buy apartment in Istanbul or one of the Turkish cities? What are the benefits of buying property in Turkey and what are the types of title deeds in Turkey and is the property inherited in Turkey? And what are the most important things you must know to obtain residency in Turkey?

Why choose real estate residency?

Real estate residence permit in Turkey is one of the easiest types of residency that you can get by buying property in Turkey, whether it is a house, a commercial shop or agricultural land. The real estate residence is characterized as:
  • The real estate Title deed facilitates obtaining real estate residency.
  • Real estate residence permit is easy to obtain compared to other residence permits such as touristic residency.
  • Buying an apartment in Turkey is a profitable and successful real estate investment, and it is also a granted residence permit.

Living in Turkey:

Turkey is the destination of many people in order to start a new life or to open a new job in a large and open market, as many people in Turkey find safety and freedom that they may not find in their countries and the advantage of living in Turkey:
  • Turkey has a distinguished geographical location that made it the gateway to Europe to the East.
  • It also contains many archaeological and historical monuments that made it a great destination for tourists.
  • Turkey is characterized by its development and containing all the necessary services and various welfare services.
  • The most famous hospitals, universities, and international and Arab schools are also located in it, making it easier for foreigners to live.
  • In Turkey, there are also many gyms, clubs, restaurants, entertainment places and parks.
  • Buying an apartment in Turkey also provides a chance of obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying real estate in Turkey worth more than $250,000.
  • In Turkey, there are many apartments, villas, and shops suitable for investment and family housing.

Types of residency in Turkey:

Residency permits in Turkey vary and vary according to their purpose, and there are different types of residency:

Touristic residence permit in Turkey:

  • Touristic residency is obtained by booking an appointment to review the Immigration Department on the official website.
  • The duration of the tourist stay is usually one year.

Long-term residence in Turkey:

  • A permanent residence is granted to a foreigner residing on Turkish territory, provided that he has resided on Turkish territory for a continuous period of 8 years.
  • Long-term residency is granted after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.

Work residence permit in Turkey:

  • It is granted to foreign employees who work for Turkish companies.
  • The Turkish company obtains a work permit for the employee who works for it and then asks for a work permit.

Student residence permit in Turkey:

  • Student residency in Turkey is given to students wishing to study in Turkish universities.
  • It is awarded after the student submits papers from universities proving that he is a university student.

Residence permit for humanity reasons in Turkey:

  • This residence is given to refugees residing on Turkish territory.
  • This is done after the government assesses their living conditions.

Family residence permit in Turkey:

  • In the event that the foreigner marries a Turkish citizen, he can obtain family residency.
  • A person is also entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship after three years of marriage.

Residence permit by buying properties in Turkey  :

  •  The foreigner obtains real estate residency by buying property in Turkey, which is a renewable and continuous residence for one year.
  • Residency is granted to the wife and children under the age of 18 in their capacity as companions to the owner.

What are the conditions for real estate residency in Turkey?

In order to obtain real estate residence in Turkey, you must obtain a number of papers and documents, which are:
  • Real estate title deeds or tapu.
  • Seismic insurance of the property must also be attached.
  • The landlord must also possess a usable passport.
  • As for children, a family statement translated into Turkish must be obtained from the Turkish embassy in their country.
  • Health insurance must be obtained for each of the family members.

Advantages of real estate residence permit:

Real estate residence is one of the best types of residency in Turkey for many important features, which are:
  • Real estate residence permit is considered easier for the renewal period granted compared to others.
  • You can get real estate residency once you buy real estate in Turkey.
  • You can obtain Turkish citizenship when you buy real estate in Turkey for more than 250 thousand dollars.
  • If you want to renew the real estate residence permit, you must submit the same title deed through which you obtained the real estate residency.

Important tips when buying property in Turkey:

You must be fully informed about house prices in Turkey in dollars and Turkish lira, and you must know that there are many factors that determine apartment prices in Turkey:
  • Property location: The price of the property varies according to the location and its distance or proximity to the center and important places or the sea.
  • Age of construction: the price of the apartment in the new building differs from the old one, and the price of the finished apartment also differs from the apartment under construction.
  • The area of ​​the apartments: the prices of the apartments are linked according to the areas, so the greater the area of ​​the apartment, the lower the price per square meter.