Apartments for sale in Avcilar Istanbul

Apartments for sale Avcilar Istanbul | Buying or owning an apartment in Istanbul is one of the most important things that investors or who want to obtain Turkish citizenship are looking for, as there are many options and vary from owning a villa to an apartment to a commercial or agricultural land. This is why we will talk today about real estate in Avcilar, and what are the features of housing in the Avcilar region and What are the real estate prices in Avcilar and how to distinguish it from other areas of Istanbul.
Turkey is one of the best countries to buy a property, and it is the answer to everyone who asks, What do you think about buying an apartment in Turkey? What are the prices of houses in Turkey in dollars and how do you get the title deed in Turkey? Today, in this article, let's learn about apartments in Avcilar, and how can you buy a suitable apartment for you?
Features of Avcilar area Istanbul:
Avcilar district is located in Istanbul along the Sea of ​​Marmara and Lake Küçükçekmece, as it is bordered to the south by the Esenyurt region and to the east by the Beylikduzu district. It belongs to the European Istanbul and the Avcilar area is characterized by its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal and also contains many modern urban projects. The Avcilar area is distinguished by the following:
Avcilar has a population of nearly half a million people.
It is located on the shore of Lake Kucukcekmece and the Sea of ​​Marmara.
It is considered the western entrance to Istanbul, as it is located on the Istanbul Europe road.
Avcilar is located near important centers, including the new municipality of Beylikduzu.
The region is provided with a strong infrastructure and important transportation roads, the most important of which is metrobus.
The area contains many huge shopping centers and malls.
Avcilar also contains many famous hospitals, schools and universities.
Avcilar is one of the most attractive areas for the Arab community to live in Istanbul.
Tourist places in Avcilar:
Avcilar is distinguished, like other areas of Istanbul, by containing many attractions and museums that are a destination for tourists, which give the place beauty and vitality, and one of the most important tourist places in Avcilar, we mention:
Avcilar Beach, Istanbul:
There are a variety of restaurants and bars near Avcilar Beach, with a variety of different activities.
Avcilar coastline, in addition to the pedestrian and cycling paths.
There are also places dedicated to children and famous parks and gardens such as Avcilar Bahr Park and Shahid Mustafa Burko.
Marmara Avcilar Market:
The Marmara Avcilar Market contains many eastern and western restaurants.
The Marmara Avcilar market is one of the most important markets in the region.
The market also contains many shops for those who love to shop.
Snow Museum Avcilar Istanbul:
The famous Snow Museum is located in Torium Mall, which is adjacent to Avcilar and at the beginning of Esenyurt.
Tourists go to the Snow Museum to enjoy the snow atmosphere, ski and play ice games.
You will have a lot of fun when you visit the Snow Museum.
Pelican Avcilar Mall in Istanbul:
It is located close to Avcilar Governmental Hospital and on the E5 highway.
The mall is a huge complex that contains various shops and international brands.
The mall also contains 9 cinemas and many entertainment activities.
It also contains a ski and bowling alley, in addition to many luxurious and international restaurants.
Apartments for sale in Avcilar Istanbul:
Avcilar in Istanbul is characterized by its multiple and comprehensive services and the presence of distinctive transport routes connecting it with the rest of Istanbul's other regions, so we will get to know about apartments for sale in Avcilar Istanbul with distinctive specifications and within integrated projects:
Nova 065 Project:
The project is located in the Avcilar area of ​​European Istanbul, and it was established by Batisehir Construction Company, and the project is characterized by the following:
It is located near the city center, main transportation routes, and various entertainment centers.
The project contains apartments with smart home systems.
It also contains an earthquake-proof system and barbecue areas.
The project includes gardens for children to play, as well as football and basketball courts.
There is parking and a security system for the project throughout the day.
The project extends over an area of ​​10,000 square meters and contains apartments of 0 + 1 to 1 + 3 types.
The project is suitable for investment and comfortable family housing.
Apartment prices start in dollars at $ 65,000 for the 1 + 1 model.
Nova Yrands 258 Project:
The project is located in Mustafa Kemal Pasha district in Avcilar, which is one of the most vital areas of Istanbul. The project site is characterized by beautiful views, green spaces, and stunning sea views. The location of the project is distinguished and for investment with distinction, as it is located directly on the Istanbul Transportation Road, Street 5E, connecting between Asian and European Istanbul, and the project is characterized by the following:
The project is located near various transportation routes.
The area also contains many schools and universities.
In addition to the presence of many governmental and private hospitals in the region.
The project is surrounded by many parks and various picnic centers.
The project is 5 minutes away from Pelican Shopping Center and Torium Mall.
The project extends over an area of ​​2300 square meters and contains 20 floors and is a single tower.
The project has apartments of different styles, which are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1.
It also contains a jacuzzi and various other entertainment services.
Apartment prices in this complex start at $ 80,000 in the 1 + 1 model.
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