Easiest countries to buy property

When we talk about the best or easiest countries to buy property, we must know that Turkey is at the forefront of these countries as real estate investment in Turkey has many advantages and benefits that accrue to investors with a profit because Turkey is considered the country of tourism with distinction and that buying a property in Turkey will give the investor Turkish citizenship or real estate residency, which are features that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Advantages of buying property in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world that tourists from around the world visit to enjoy its beauty and historical monuments. Turkey also contains many investment opportunities, which real estate investment in Turkey is among the best and the important question is what are the advantages of buying property in Turkey. Let's get to know the most important features, which are:
  • The purchase of the property provides the possibility for the property owner to obtain real estate residency.
  • The property also gives the buyer the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that the property is worth $ 250,000 or more.
  • Buying the property provides the investor with the ability to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.
  • Turkey is one of the most important investment countries that connect the East with the West, so it is known as Europe's gateway to the East.
  • The large number of tourists coming to Turkey has made buying a property a distinctive investment opportunity.
  • Turkey provides a comfortable family atmosphere for housing and studying for children, where the most important universities and international schools are located.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to other countries.
  • Turkey provides a strong infrastructure of various transportation routes that link the different regions of Istanbul.

Buying property in Turkey:

  • Many investors buy real estate in order to obtain real estate residence permit in Turkey that facilitates their movement and business dealings.
  • Also, buying apartment in Turkey provides an opportunity for the investor to start his business closely and follow all its details.
  • Buying property in Turkey gives the owner an investment opportunity through tourist leasing or selling the property after a period of time as real estate prices rise.
  • When buying a property, you must make sure of several important matters, the most important of which are the title deed papers and know all the details related to the title deed in Turkey.