What do you think of buying an apartment in Turkey?

What do you think of buying an apartment in Turkey? When buying an apartment in Istanbul or other Turkish cities, real estate investors who want to own a property must ask many questions, for this reason you are reading this article now and you are in the right place because we will answer all your questions. In the event that you do not find the answer to your question within the article, you can leave a comment or email us, and we will be happy to answer you.
Can the property price decrease in Turkey?
Real estate is rising in value over time, so you should rest assured that your real estate investment is safe.
It can fear economic problems in small countries that do not have a strong economy.
Turkey is a big country and has the second strongest economy in Europe.
Does the decrease or rise of the Turkish lira affect the property?
The decrease or rise of the lira does not affect the price of the property because the property is valued in Turkish lira at the Tabu Department.
Also, the Turkish lira is improving continuously as a result of the giant investment and tourism projects in it.
Can I choose the property that suits me?
In Turkey, there are many ready-made and under construction real estate projects that include homes, shops, and villas.
The strong construction movement leads to an increase in the annual real estate prices, thus increasing its profits and increasing the investment return.
You must know the legal status of the property and the types of title deeds in Turkey.
Is real estate investment a successful project in Turkey?
Real estate in Turkey is linked to the tourism and business sectors, which gives the projects a distinct investment power.
As the need for housing, offices and shops continues always because Turkey is considered a tourist land par excellence.
That is why you have to take care of managing your property properly to get many high investment returns.
What are the costs of real estate maintenance in Turkey?
Real estate maintenance costs in Turkey vary according to the type of houses in Turkey, as there are several types of real estate maintenance:
Old houses:
Old homes need remodeling, so you should get them at a good price.
Before purchasing the property, you must make a full study of the restoration costs.
Used homes:
They are the ones that have been inhabited for a short time before and need minor repairs.
Know what types of repairs you need before purchasing a property.
New homes:
It does not require any maintenance costs except for special needs.
Such as personal decoration processes or choosing paint colors according to personal desire.
What is the purpose of buying the property?
When you want to buy a property in Turkey, you have to ask yourself what is the purpose of buying the property, as you have many options, the most important of which are:
Buying a property for family housing in a suitable area.
Buying real estate for investment.
Owning a commercial office in order to open a company.
Owning a shop to open a trade, restaurant or other
How do I choose the right property location?
Before purchasing the property, you should inquire about important issues:
Is this location or neighborhood suitable for family or investment housing?
Are transportation routes located near the property location?
How far is the property location from the city center, sea, or place of business.
What is the installment system adopted in Turkey?
The installment system in Turkey is based on paying installments of up to 30% or 40%.
The remaining installments are to be determined in agreement with the construction company. Also know about the laws of real estate inheritance in Turkey.