Title deed (Tapu) in Turkey

After buying property in Turkey, you will definitely ask about the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey, what are the title deed fees, how can it be obtained from the Turkish title deed department, and what are the documents needed to extract the title deed. Let's get to know the full details of the title deed and Turkish Tapu laws, its types and title deeds in this article.
The Tabu or the title deed (Tabu senedi) , the real estate title deed. It is the official documents registered with the state, which prove your ownership of the property, and it is the only way for the buyer to prove ownership of his property. That is why the title deed in Turkey is the most important step to officially confirm ownership of the property.

What does the title deed contain?

The title deed is extracted from the Turkish Land Registry Department, or what is also known as the Land Registry Office, and the title deed includes the following information:
  • The detailed address of the property in any municipality, district and street.
  • Personal photo of the property owner.
  • The ownership number of the land on which the property is based.
  • Earth nug and is it suitable for ages or is it unfit.
  • Building number, floor, and property area.
  • The property value is determined in Turkish lira only.
  • Real estate purchase information, whether through inheritance, construction companies, or directly from the owner.
  • Personal information about the previous property owner, whether he was a foreigner or a Turkish one.
  • Knowing the nature of the property, is it mortgaged or not (in case it is not new).
  • Detailed information about the property owner, such as ID number and nationality.
  • Registration data before and after purchase with the seal and signature of those responsible for organizing and issuing the real estate title deed.

Types of tapu in Turkey:

After buying property in Turkey, you need to know the types of title deeds (Tapu) in Turkey, which are:

Blue Tabu:

The blue tabu or agricultural title deed is used for lands and is the title deed of agricultural land and gives its owner the following opportunities:
  • It gives the right to the landowner to cultivate and benefit from agricultural crops.
  • The owner also grants the right to establish animal projects such as building poultry and raising livestock, cows and sheep.

Red Tabu:

  • The red tabu is granted as title deeds for real estate, buildings, and lands placed within the real estate urban planning.
  • The municipality determines the type of the agricultural blue title deed or the real estate red title deed, and the type of the title deed is included in the title deeds of the property.

Construction Title deeds:

The basic building documents are included in the title deed without the need to go into their details, and all real estate needs construction documents, whether they are villas, independent houses, palaces, restaurants, hospitals, schools, or others, and construction companies extract building documents before starting residential projects. It is divided into:

"irtifak" Title Deed in Turkey:

  • These documents are based on the division and planning of the building after obtaining the approval of the construction.
  • Each building section obtains a separate easement document stating the location of the section and detailed information about it.
  • After completing the construction and obtaining the housing approval, the property is granted its own title deed.

Shared title deed in Turkey:

  • These documents are for properties for more than one owner and it can be with a limited period during which the owner is allowed to sell, lease or assign his property.
  • Before buying the property, you must verify the condition of the property by reviewing the Real Estate Registry Department in Turkey.
  • It must be ensured that the property is not subject to a mortgage of a Turkish bank or that it is under the risk of confiscation or seizure.

Full ownership title deed in Turkey:

  • This document is given to the owner immediately after the real estate construction in Turkey is completely completed.
  • The full title deed in Turkey includes information about the type of property, the property number and its location, as well as the share of the land allocated for construction.

Procedures of getting Title deed (Tapu) in Turkey:

You must bring the various documents and required documents, which are:
  • Personal documents.
  • The contract of sale.
  • Earthquake insurance policy.
  • If there is an agent on behalf of the property owner, the power of attorney papers must be brought.
  • In the event that the property was purchased through a mortgage loan, the loan documents must be brought.
  • A photo of the seller and two photographs of the buyer.
  • In the event that the property is the property of a deceased, a document or death certificate must be brought.
After that, the papers are submitted to the Real Estate Registration Department.
Pay the necessary fees to extract the tapu.
After that, the tapu is officially issued in your name.
Then you become the owner of the property and you have the right to control it as you want by selling it, mortgaging it, or others.

What are the title deed fees in Turkey?

  • The fees for registering the title deed or tapu in Turkey is 4% of the property's value.
  • When buying a property worth 800 thousand Turkish dollars, you will pay the registration fee of 16,000 Turkish liras.
  • In addition to few expenses such as translation of passport and documents.

Real estate residence permit in Turkey:

  • Real estate residency or title deed residence permit is granted to the property owner after obtaining the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey.
  • Real estate residence permit is granted to a foreigner who owns a property in Turkey.
  • Real estate residence permits can be obtained by the husband and wife or children under the age of 18 years.
  • It is also granted to unqualified children or those with special needs, even if they are over the age of 18.
  • The owner of the property is allowed to obtain it as long as the property is in his name.

Important matters related to the title deed in Turkey and Turkish Tapu laws:

  • If the property type field is filled in as an apartment, building or villa, this indicates that it is a full title deed.
  • And in the event that the floor number, serial number and area are mentioned, this means that the land is suitable for construction, but you did not obtain a complete title deed.
  • If it is mentioned that the title deed is valid for construction only, this indicates that the property does not have a "kat irtifak" document.