Property prices in Istanbul Turkey in Dollar

Property prices in Istanbul Turkey in dollars are among the most common questions in the field of real estate in Turkey, especially by foreigners and Arab investors who want to buy property in Turkey. House prices in Turkey differ according to the city such Istanbul, the apartments in Istanbul prices differ from their prices in other cities, as well as property prices in Istanbul Turkey differ from one region to another.

What are the matters that play an important role in determining the price of the property?

Among the most important reasons that result in the price difference between different regions of Istanbul, we mention:
  • Prices vary between the European side and the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • Proximity to the apartment or property from the sea, city center, or main roads.
  • High-end building finishes, quality architectural designs and green spaces.
  • Apartment prices vary according to the spaces and services attached to each apartment.

The main factors determining the price of real estate in Turkey:

When we talk about the difference in real estate prices, whether in Turkey or in other countries of the world, we must know that real estate prices vary depending on several important things, such as:

The City of real estate:

When buying a property or apartment, we must know that real estate prices differ from one city to another, due to several factors related to the city itself, and the most important factors are:
  • Tourist cities are the destination of many investors, tourists, and those wishing to buy property in Turkey.
  • Istanbul is one of the largest and most important tourist cities in Turkey for its richness in many historical and heritage monuments.
  • Real estate prices vary within Istanbul itself, according to the different municipalities and regions in it.
  • There are some tourist cities in Turkey that are no less important than Istanbul, including Bursa, Yalova, Antalya, Trabzon.
  • It is also ranked next to inland cities such as Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Konya and Adana.
  • Thus, we are witnessing a difference in prices between regions of Turkey from one city to another.

The location of the apartment or property:

The location of the apartment or real estate is no less important than the city in which you are located, where the prices of apartments differ according to the surroundings of the property itself, according to the following factors:
  • The price of the apartment varies according to the proximity and distance to the beaches, tourist places, lakes and sea views.
  • The proximity of the apartment to public parks, monuments, castles and palaces is also considered a factor contributing to raising the price of the property.
  • The proximity of the airport and the new Istanbul Canal to the property or apartment plays an important role in determining the price of the property.
  • The metrobus and main roads, which facilitate movement between regions.
  • After the apartment or its proximity to the city center of each region.
  • The apartment is located near the sea, in the green countryside or in the city center.

Specifications of the apartment itself:

Apartment prices vary according to the apartment's specifications as well as with different interior and exterior finishes, and the price of apartments varies according to:
  • The area of ​​the apartment and the number of rooms in each apartment.
  • The number of bathrooms and toilets.
  • Number of balconies.
  • The year the property or apartment was built.
  • Real estate ready or under construction.
  • Quality of decorations and final finishes.

What is the importance of buying property in Turkey?

The purchase of real estate in Turkey is witnessing an increase and a lot of activity, and this is due to several issues, the most important are:
  • Turkish laws that allow the investor or foreigner the right to own a property with ease.
  • Turkish citizenship law when buying a property worth 250,000 dollars.
  • Real estate investment in Turkey is considered a successful investment option that has prompted many investors to own a property in Turkey.

Property prices in Istanbul Turkey in Dollar

We will talk about the apartments in Istanbul prices in each region in term of dollars, as the price varies from one project to another according to the specifications of each project, noting that these are among the projects and residential complexes in Istanbul, whose prices start around 40,000 dollars.
  • Esenyurt prices for apartments within the complexes start at approximately $ 40,000.
  • Beylikduzu, prices start from 65,000 dollars.
  • In the area of ​​Basaksehir, prices start at $ 100,000.
  • In Bagcilar, prices in residential complexes start around $ 90,000.
  • The prices of apartments in Kucukcekmece start from 90,000 dollars.
  • The prices of apartments in Eyup Sultan are approximately 75,000 dollars.
  • In Maslak, the price of apartments is $ 250,000.
  • Arnavutkoy is one of the cheapest areas for its distance from the center, and prices start at $ 30,000.
  • As for apartments' prices in Kadikoy, in the Asian side, they start from $ 150,000.

House prices in Turkey outside Istanbul in dollars:

  • Borsa Exchange: Prices start at $50,000 in Borsa city.
  • Sakarya: Apartment prices in Sakarya start from 15,000 dollars.
  • Ankara: Apartment prices start at $ 51,000 in Ankara.
  • Mersin: Apartment prices in Mersin start from 50,000 dollars.
  • Alanya, Antalya: apartments' prices start from $ 60,000.