Village houses for sale in turkey

Village houses for sale in Turkey are a dream for many people, and the important question is where to find village houses for sale in Turkey, what are the prices of village houses for sale in Turkey, and how many village houses are offered for sale in Istanbul, Trabzon or other beautiful Turkish regions.
If you are a person looking for calm, comfort and living in the bosom of nature, then you must be looking for village houses for sale in Turkey, as Turkey is famous for its many beautiful landscapes and wonderful countryside which is a destination for many tourists.Real estate for sale in Fatih area in Istanbul

Countryside areas in Turkey (Village houses for sale in turkey):

Countryside areas are spread in Turkey and each of them has unique and distinctive characteristics that differ from others, as some Countryside areas overlook to the seas or lakes and rivers, and some of them are located in the depth of nature and within the beautiful forests or on the slopes of the mountains and hills, so you are faced with multiple and beautiful options at the same time.
When you are looking to buy a country house in Turkey, you must know the most important countryside areas that attract many tourists, whether for recreation, mountaineering or horseback riding. Among the most important countryside areas in Turkey:

Polonezkoy Village:

The village is located near Istanbul and is suitable for those wishing to own a quiet and comfortable country house. This village has many advantages, the most important of which are:
  • The village is a natural reserve that contains many rare and endangered animals.
  • The village contains many restaurants that serve Turkish and Polish cuisine.
  • Its inhabitants speak the Polish language as it was a Polish colony in the past.
  • The main resource for people is agriculture and livestock.
  • Its houses feature wooden designs in the Polish style.
  • Many festivals and celebrations are held there.
  • Cherry trees and beekeeping houses abound.
  • The village embraces many nationalities, which made it a distinguished destination for tourists.
  • Within the village there are many beautiful landscapes.


Agva Village:

The village is located to the north of Istanbul and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey and has many wonderful features, including:
  • The village contains dense trees and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Two rivers pass through the village, namely the Yesilcay River and the Kok Su River.
  • It contains many recreational areas that are visited by tourists.
  • It is located within beautiful heights and is considered a natural art painting.
  • Tourists come to enjoy nature, and to ride bicycles and boats.



One of the areas that are frequently visited by tourists in winter, as it is characterized by Kartepe as:
  • A distinctive area for skiing enthusiasts.
  • They also have log huts, heated in the winter.
  • It is 20 minutes from Istanbul.
  • A small village in the middle of the snow, reached by cable car.


Golyazi Village:

  • It is one of the ancient Roman villages containing 500 ancient Roman houses.
  • It is located on the coast of Lake Ulubat in Bursa.
  • It is characterized by its rich fish lakes and the hobby of fishing and swimming.
  • The village includes a very beautiful island surrounded by olive trees.
  • Golyazi village is considered one of the most beautiful tourist and residential villages in Turkey.
  • The village is surrounded by olive trees, which give the village a beautiful green color.
  • The buildings are made of concrete and iron to resist the vagaries of the weather.
  • One of its most beautiful features is an ancient tree (Sennar weeping) that is more than 450 years old.
  • There are distinctive hotels in the village amid beautiful nature.
  • The old walls surround the village, and there is a large water wheel.



Çıralı koyu:

  • The village is located in Antalya at the foothills of Mount Olympus.
  • Quiet village, home of peace and psychological comfort.
  • It is dotted with orange trees that blend with greenery.
  • Its houses are characterized by ancient Greek architecture, and the narrow streets have wonderful paths.
  • The village is distinguished by its clear water, which is considered for regions in Turkey.
  • The village has a mountain foothill with harmonious colors.



Faralya Koyu:

The village is located near the Valley of Butterflies in the southwestern part of Turkey and is distinguished by:

It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey.

Tourists come to it for recreation in the beauty of nature or for sailing in its clear waters.