Real estate residence permit in Turkey

Real estate residence permit in Turkey

Do you want to get residency in Turkey, but you do not have much money to buy property in Turkey that entitles you to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the Turkish government has provided real estate residence permıt in Turkey and it is considered one of the most important options that attract foreigners to buy property in Turkey and get residency, in this article we will learn about important information about Turkey residence permit by buying property in Turkey.




Definition of real estate residence permit in Turkey:

Real estate residence permit in Turkey is one of the rights of foreign real estate owners in Turkey, and it is granted by the Immigration Department in the state in which it owns the property, and it allows its holder to reside on Turkish territory legally and with the ability to travel to and from Turkey without the need to obtain a visa .

Duration of real estate residence permit in Turkey:

Real estate residency in Turkey is granted for a period of one or two years and can be renewed as long as the property is in the name of the resident, and this is what distinguishes it from the tourist residence in Turkey, as it is better in terms of the duration of the stay and the possibility of renewing it without any complications.

Conditions for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey:

The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities to obtain real estate residency, as it only stipulated that the property be designated for housing regardless of its price, and there is no minimum, so buying a property in Turkey, whatever its price, will give you the right to obtain residency, and also no states or Specific areas for purchase, or a specific type of apartments, where you have the freedom to choose whether to buy an apartment, villas, or any space or style of apartments, and you can learn about the best places to live in Turkey from here.
It can be considered that the conditions for real estate ownership in Turkey are the same as the conditions for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey, and they are two basic conditions:
The foreigner should not be of the nationalities prevented from owning possession in Turkey (Armenia - Syria - Cuba - North Korea)
The property should not be within the prohibited areas of ownership (security zones or military zones)
To whom is granted real estate residency:
Buying real estate in Turkey gives the right to you, your wife and your children who are under the age of 18 to obtain real estate residency also on the same property, but if the owner has more than one wife, residence is granted only to one wife, but in the event that there are children from more From a wife, everyone can obtain real estate residency, provided that one of them does not exceed the age of 18 years.
Advantages of real estate residence in Turkey:
Real estate residence gives many advantages that the property owner gets, which are:
The possibility of staying in Turkey within the period granted during the period of residence and legally
The possibility of renewing the residency as long as the property is under the name of the property owner
The possibility of moving between Turkish states without the need for a travel permit
Enjoying educational and health services in Turkey
After eight years of residency in Turkey, the owner has the right to apply for a long-term residence
The papers needed to extract real estate residency:
- Tapu document in the name of the property owner
Earthquake insurance for the property
The passport of the property owner and his companions
- A family statement for the children and wife translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish embassy in the mother country or by the Notre Department in Turkey
Health insurance that covers the length of stay
Now that you know about real estate residence in Turkey and its wonderful advantages, start your search for a property in Turkey and enjoy a distinguished stay without complications.