Real estate prices in Turkey for 2020

Real estate prices in Turkey for the year 2020:
One of the most important factors that affected the prices of apartments and real estate in Turkey, is its strategic location and distinctive nature, and the Turkish government has shown a lot of efforts to invest these ingredients, especially with regard to the issue of real estate.
House prices are still considered cheap compared to other European countries, as are commercial real estate, and cities in Turkey are competing to attract and attract investors.
What are the reasons for booming real estate prices in Turkey?
First: The Turkish government approved tax cuts for real estate.
Second: Turkey is one of the countries that are socially and politically stable, despite some circumstances surrounding the region.
Third: The state provides a lot of facilities to investors and owners, especially the link between individual ownership of real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
Fourth: There are many projects such as: “Istanbul New Airport” and “Istanbul Canal” project, which are infrastructure projects in Turkey that are globally competitive.
An overview of real estate prices in Turkey for the year 2020:
Apartments in Turkey with an area of ​​70 square meters to 80 square meters so that they can accommodate medium-sized families, the prices of apartments in Turkey start from 400 thousand Turkish liras and their prices gradually increase according to the location of the apartment, so that it reaches in some Turkish cities about one million Turkish liras and more.
There are areas in Turkey where the prices of apartments and houses are cheap and acceptable due to the region’s conditions, such as “construction and construction operations” such as “Corgi, Sakarya and Bursa”.
Turkey and real estate:
Turkey leads a leading position in the field of apartments and real estate, and what helped it to lead this position, the construction boom it witnessed in the recent period.
Many foreigners and Arabs have gone to buy real estate in Turkey regarding housing or tourism, especially with regard to obtaining Turkish citizenship.
There are many aspects that must be taken into account when purchasing a property in order to obtain the optimal and suitable option both functionally and financially.
Effects that control real estate prices in Turkey:
Nature and type of property:
- Number of apartment rooms: whole building - apartment - studio,
The number of bedrooms or the number of bathrooms and terraces located in the property.
- The area of ​​the apartment - the view and the height of the floor in which the property is located in Turkey - the readiness of the apartment for housing - the finishes and building materials used (in the decoration and facades of the property or the building of the property).
Place and location of the property:
The apartment is located next to the important sites such as: (beaches - monuments - markets - museums and palaces ... etc.).
- View of the building (on the sea or green areas ... etc.).
- The most important of which is the distance the property is away from the city center.
- The condition of the property, is it new-built or renovated.
Returns from the property:
That is, the services available for the apartment in Turkey and the monthly expenses that result from them. Apartments that are located in luxury residential complexes have many services and facilities such as garages and swimming pools.
And many factors that affect real estate prices, so the only indicator is not the area or the view, but rather you must look at and ask about all aspects to make the appropriate decision.