Buying investment property in Istanbul

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the factors that lead to attracting investors for buying investment property in Istanbul, as real estate in Turkey varies to include apartments for sale, villas, shops or agricultural lands, and the Turkish government offers a lot of facilities to foreigners who want to invest in the real estate field and from The most important of these facilities:
  • When you own a property in Turkey, the investor gets a tax exemption when purchasing the property for the first time.
  • When buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars, a foreigner obtains Turkish citizenship.
  • Speed ​​and ease in legal matters in order to obtain the papers of ownership of the property and the title deed.
The Turkish government also issued many real estate laws that facilitate the ownership of the property for the foreign investor with the aim of attracting investors to buy a property in Turkey, and the most important of these laws are:
  • Mortgage law.
  • And the Real Estate Registration Law.
  • Tax reduction. Investment system in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Turkey:

Turkey is not only a tourist destination, as some believe, but it is an important investment destination for many investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, for example, in order to buy apartments or any other state, or buy residential villas, agricultural lands, apartments overlooking the sea, or even to buy cheap apartments. And others, due to the fact that the Turkish real estate sector is one of the most attractive investment destinations for investors from around the world due to Turkey's economic development and being among the most powerful economies in the world.
Real estate investment in Turkey has been classified as one of the most important types of investments at the present time as well, because of the many benefits and material profit for the investor, by investing it in the most appropriate way.

Reasons why investors are attracted to buy property in Turkey:

There are a set of advantages and positives that attract the investor to buy a property in Turkey, including: -
Increasing the value of the capital or increasing the value of the property in the long run, as the physical value of the property after several years will increase, which leads to an increase in the investor's capital.
Many investors are seeking to obtain the nationality of the country they wish to invest in, and this is what the Turkish government did, as it provided investors with the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, whether it was an apartment, villa or office with a value of at least 250 thousand US dollars, This feature is one of the most important features offered by the Turkish government.
The Turkish government's continuous work to improve investment conditions in the real estate sector, as it worked on:
  • Improving real estate capital and providing facilities to investors.
  • Taking care of buildings and modifying decorations.
  • Infrastructure development and attention to it.
  • Increasing cash and financial flows from real estate investments.
  • Supply and demand and the extent of their influence on the real estate market
  • Inflation is one of the most important reasons leading to the increase in real estate value and thus the increase in real estate investment rates in Turkey.

Additional reasons for attracting investors:

Among the reasons why investors are also attracted to buy a property in Turkey is the presence of the so-called real estate appraisal in Turkey, which is an official document issued by companies specialized in valuation and licensed and is considered a condition for completing the real estate purchase deal, and this gave the investor a kind of reassurance towards real estate investment in Turkey, especially in If he does not have enough information.
The implementation of the decision to cancel reciprocity for foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey, where reciprocity means that the state does not give the right to real estate ownership on its territory except to foreigners whose state allows the Turks to own real estate in it.
Also, the facilities that Turkey provides to Turkish and foreign expatriates outside Turkey to buy real estate in Turkey by providing ways to pay the price of the property through a bank account from outside Turkey, this helped increase the demand for real estate ownership in Turkey.
And finally, the amendments to the renewal of the tourist residence in Turkey, as this prompted many foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey to obtain real estate residence in Turkey instead of the tourist one, which increased the number of real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey.

The future of real estate investment in Turkey:

In conclusion, we find that real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important types of investments that attract Arab and foreign investors, and the Turkish government has paid attention to it. If you are a real estate investor, do not hesitate to buy a property in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, and with time you will find that this investment will be successful and will return to you. Great financial.