Turkish Citizenship Law 2021

Turkish Citizenship Law 2021

Turkish Nationality Law | Buying an apartment in order to obtain Turkish citizenship is one of the things that many foreigners searching for stability away from their homelands due to wars or difficult living conditions, as they find in Turkey the ideal country in order to settle and live in it.

Why is Turkey the destination of many foreigners?

Turkey is distinguished by its distinguished location and beautiful climate and is considered the gateway to Europe towards the East and contains many temptations that make it the ideal goal for every searcher for a new home to live in for many reasons, the most important of which are:
Real estate prices in Turkey are low compared to other European countries.
Living in Turkey is suitable for families, especially since Turkey is one of the Islamic countries.
There is also a large commercial and investment market in Turkey for those looking for job opportunities and starting a new business.
Turkey is also considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world that tourists visit every year, so living in it is a distinctive option.
Turkey has a large number of Arab and international schools, as well as advanced universities in the world.
Turkey also contains medical cities that are considered one of the largest in the world, which contain the finest and best services.
Turkey is also distinguished by the strong infrastructure that made it one of the most developed countries in the world.
In addition to the natural landscapes, parks, restaurants and entertainment places that spread it.


Update the nationality law by owning real estate in Turkey:

The Turkish Tabu Department, Department of the Presidency of Foreigners Affairs, issued Decision No. 861963 on 3/22/2021, which states that:
It is not right to sell the property obtained for the sake of Turkish citizenship again in order to obtain Turkish citizenship for another person even after 3 years have passed since the purchase of the property.
Only those who have Turkish citizenship by bank deposit are entitled to sell their real estate to others in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.
In the event that the property is returned to the owner company or the property owner after 3 years, the granted Turkish citizenship will be reconsidered.
A holder of Turkish citizenship, his wife, or his children do not have the right to sell a property to others in order to obtain citizenship, as the Land Registry Department will review the Souls Department before any operation.
After 3 years have passed from the purchase of the property, in the event that the ownership of the property is transferred to another person, the granted nationality will be reconsidered.
The property must not be previously registered in the name of the foreigner, his wife or children, a company he owns, or a company in which he is an administrator.
A pledge is given that the information is correct without falsehood, forgery, error or incompleteness, with no concealment of important information, and in the event that any falsehood or forgery is discovered, Turkish citizenship is withdrawn.
It is not permissible to sell the property to the first owner of all foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship after the date of 01/12/2017 and resell it to other people in order to obtain Turkish citizenship for them.


Important recommendations regarding Turkish citizenship:

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