sisli area of istanbul

sisli area of istanbul

sisli area of istanbul | Sisli is a colorful and vibrant area in the middle of Istanbul Which is known to its beauty and importance only those who visited and wandered in its various landmarks and regions

Also, most of Istanbul's visitors must pass or tour that important area

In order to know the importance of the Sisli region, we devoted this article to you to introduce the history of this region and the most prominent tourist attractions in it

History and location of the Sisli region:


Sisli is one of the most important neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is located on the European side of Istanbul
Sisli is also a major transportation hub between the most important regions of the European section
As it is surrounded by important areas and neighborhoods
It is bordered to the south by Beyoglu district, which includes the famous Taksim district
From the north, Sariyer district, and from the west, we also find Kat Hanh and Eyup Sultan
The tourist district of Besiktas lies to the east of Sisli
And in its southwestern section, it is hundreds of meters away from the Bosphorus, which has charming views
The region derives its climate from the Mediterranean climate
The area of ​​the area is about 35 square kilometers

History of the region:

It is said that the name of the işli region is attributed to the first family that settled in that area, which was known as the Shischler family
The history of Sisli is also closely related to the history of Beyoglu and Taksim, due to their commonality in many borders and regions
One of the most important milestones in the history of that region is that it was the second district in Istanbul to buy electricity after Taksim
Which led to the rapid growth and development of that region due to the early spread of odorless means of gas, electricity, water and transportation
Also, the most important event after the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic in the history of Sisli
It is the survival of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, in one of the buildings in that region, which is known today as the Ataturk Museum
At the beginning of the eighties of the last century, the shopping center began to shift from Taksim to Sisli gradually
Many large shopping centers, shops, hospitals, and modern and advanced educational centers were built.
The population of that region is about 320 thousand people
However, this region witnesses a great daily congestion due to it being an important transportation hub between the most important areas in Istanbul,

The most prominent neighborhoods in Sisli:

The Sisli region consists of many important neighborhoods, and perhaps the most important of these neighborhoods are:
• Sisli neighborhood: It is considered the center of the region and is located within the famous Cevahir Mall, which attracts thousands of Arab tourists every year
• Majidiyeh Koy: It is one of the historical and important neighborhoods in the Sisli region
Othman Bay neighborhood: Most of the neighborhood's residents are of the wealthy class and also businessmen.
• Harbiye neighborhood: It contains many historical monuments
• There are also the Vulya, Wasin-Tepe and many other neighborhoods
The most prominent landmarks and areas that can be visited in the Sisli district
of Istanbul:
In addition to Sisli being an important business and trade center in Istanbul
It also contains many tourist attractions, historical monuments and modern projects that you can visit and learn about
Among the most famous of these landmarks we mention:

Cevahir World Shopping Center:

It is a large mall located in the center of Sisli in a lively and active area close to the metro and metro bus lines
Which facilitates the movement of access to it
This center is accepted by many Arab people and tourists
Because it contains the most luxurious and finest shops, which offer various types of products
It includes more than 300 stores in it, in addition to many fast food restaurants and cafes.
It also includes a large section containing the latest games suitable for different ages
This mall was opened in 2005

Lotfi Kirdar Center:

It is a conference and exhibition center
Where many exhibitions and various concerts are held
It also holds many cultural and educational activities and events.
 It also includes a large hall for performing various theatrical performances.
The Military Museum:
Which is also known as the Military War Museum
This museum is located in Harbiye district within Sisli
This museum is also one of the most beautiful museums in Istanbul
And it includes inside it many military and war actions that talk about the Turkish military history
This museum is divided into several branches and sections there
Archery sections, horse riding sections, and exhibitions of Ataturk's work
There are also military dress halls, tents and defense weapons halls
How we do not forget the most important part of it, which is the Martyrs Gallery

Sultan Mehmed Park and Park:

It is one of the nature reserves that contain dense vegetation cover
It is also considered one of the places worth visiting in the Sisli region.

Matchka Democratic Park:

Which is located on Kadir Jalar Street in Harbiye district and is one of the largest parks and gardens in Sisli
It also includes many green spaces that contain various types of flowers and trees
It also contains within it sections that contain games for children
There are also long hiking and cycling trails.

Ataturk Museum:

It is the house in which the founder of the modern republic Ataturk resided before moving to the Samsun region
This house has also turned into a museum today, and it is visited by many people who want to see
Everything related to the founder of the Turkish state
The date of its opening as a museum was in 1942 AD, by a decision of the Istanbul municipality.
It also contains many personal belongings of Ataturk and various materials related to the war of independence.
This museum is located in the Halla Askar Gazi district of Sisli

Sultan Ayyub Mosque:

It is an important historical landmark in the Sisli region
As this mosque constitutes an essential destination for those interested in Islamic heritage and history
The mosque is also characterized by a unique architectural design
It is also distinguished by its abundance of circular domes
Trees also abound in its surroundings, which preserve its nobility and history
And near it there is a cemetery containing the remains of many important figures throughout history.

Sisli hotels:

Sisli includes a large number of luxury hotels, which give visitors the opportunity to stay in that area
In order to save time and visit most of the attractions of that region
And from the top of its hotels, we mention:
• Fidan: This hotel is located in the area of ​​Mecidiyekoy Fulya
• Vermont: It is also located in Mecidiyekoy and is classified as a luxurious and luxurious hotel.
• Radisson Blu Hotel: We can find it in the center of Sisli
• The Palace Suite: It is located in the Fulya area
• And many other hotels in the areas of Othman Bey and Harbiye.

City restaurants and stores:

Since Sisli is a tourist and commercial area par excellence, this has led to the large number of restaurants and shopping centers in it
You can see along the road connecting Sisli and the division of hundreds of those restaurants which are distinguished
With its wonderful design and outdoor lounges
It also features various types of eastern and western foods, various desserts and ice cream dishes with a unique taste
There are also many stores that offer the most luxurious types of clothing, bags and shoes
There is also in the Mecidiyekoy region the largest market in that region for
computer supplies and electronic devices.

How can I get to the Sisli area in Istanbul:

Since Sisli is a central area, there are many ways by which you can get to that area and walk around and shop in it.
You can take the main metro line m2, which connects Levent, Sisli, Taksim and Fatih districts
There is also the Boss metro line that connects the various European regions
There is also a series of modern buses that pass from Sisli to the rest of Istanbul, Europe.
And we also do not forget the newly opened metro line in Mecidiyekoy, which connects Sisli with Mahmud Bey.

Real estate in Sisli:

Real estate and buildings in işli are distinguished by old, authentic and ancient
Due to the strategic location of the area and its commercial and tourism importance, this made real estate prices higher than the rest of Istanbul
Also, the lack of additional areas for construction and building projects was the reason for the increase in real estate prices
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