"Sea World" Aquarium in Turkey

Have you ever wished to explore the depths of the sea as if you were living in it ? Sea World Aquarium in Turkey was able to achieve this and more, as it was the place that mixes science with entertainment and entertainment, which increases awareness of marine life and its diversity through huge water basins that make you feel that you are an experienced diver without getting wet and feeling fear.
The Sea World Aquarium extends over 4,000 square meters, and there is the Sea World Aquarium, which is the largest amphibious aquarium in Turkey with an area of ​​2,700 square meters.
The Sea World Aquarium consists of three sections:
* Department of sea fish
* Freshwater fish section (which is the section in which the tunnel is located).
* The comfort zone section where the turtles are located.
Where is Sea World Aquarium located?
The Aquarium “Sea World” (Deniz Dünyası) is located in Keçiören district in Ankara, Turkey.
When does the Sea World Aquatic Park open its doors?
SeaWorld Aquatic Garden is open to all visitors six days of the week, from 9 am to 8 pm.
What is distinguished by the "Sea World" water park in Turkey?
It is the first educational water park in Turkey and the only one so far in this field.
The Sea World Aquarium contains 3 thousand fish along with 100 other types of aquatic animal that live in the seas, oceans and rivers from all over the world.
Allows you to watch documentaries on marine creatures in halls equipped for that.
Educational cartoon films are presented for children, with the aim of introducing them and attracting their attention to the world of marine animals.
The presence of internal and external yards.
The presence of fish tanks for visitors with disabilities in the water park, which enables them to feed fish with their hands.
There is a department for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.
It is a very suitable place for visits for whole families, as there are activities that suit all ages.
The water park in Ankara is a suitable place for group trips and group visits.
Is there a way to communicate with the people in charge of the Sea World Aquarium?
You can contact the website of the Sea World Aquarium:
Or by calling: +903123405317
Water parks in Ankara are not limited to the Marine World Garden, but there is also the Aqua Vega Aquarium
Aqua Vega Aquarium
The Aquarium Aquarium is one of the largest tunnel basins in Turkey and Europe, with a capacity of 4.5 million liters of water and a length of 98 meters, which is the third largest tunnel basin in Europe.
When does the Aqua Vega Aquarium open its doors?
The Aqua Vega Aquarium is open to all visitors on all days of the week from 9 am to 6 pm, and on weekends it is open from 9 am to 6 pm
What does the Aqua Vega Aquarium include in Ankara?
It contains a large collection of saltwater and freshwater fish from different regions of the world.
And a group of departments that allow performing a variety of activities, including:
-The world of adrenaline
-Solt how
- Aquariums
- Koi fish
- Sea Shell Museum
- Tunnel basin
- Corner of the forest
- Gift shops